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We have made adjustments to our store including an accurate weight shipping calculator to adjust to the recent international shipping increases imposed by the usps. The downside is that the shipping costs for 1 disc or 1 item has gone up slighly but when you order many items at once the actual shipping costs are less. Unfortunately there must now be shipping charges for compact discs to both Canada and Mexico. All discs are shipped in their jewel cases.  Also, regardless of what country you are in all preorder items will ship separate from in stock items, you will no longer have to wait as a worldwide customer for your items to ship when preroders arrive.  In stock items will ship immediately. 

Please disregard any conflicting shipping info below, this is the new policy as of 2/4/13.


  • Credit Card non paypal orders are now accepted and available
  • The website is using 100% secure SSL technology
  • International Shipping is now calculated at the end of orders,  added $2 per cd in most cases instead of listing items with world prices like the old website.  Postage is also calculated at the end of orders for shirts.
  • This website tracks inventory and removes items as soon as they sell out, virtually guaranteeing that all items listed are in stock.
  • PLEASE remember to read the store news for PREORDER ship dates, don't be a dumbass if you PREORDER an item it obviously isn't going to ship until preorders begin shipping.  The expected ship times are usually in both the item description and the store news.

1. What forms of payment do you accept?

The Willowtip Store accepts all major Credit Cards and orders through Paypal. 

To order with Pay Pal you need to have a credit card or checking account. If you don't have a credit card you can send us an electronic check with pay pal through your bank account. Pay Pal is a free service that is simply amazing, to read and learn more about pay pal please check out www.paypal.com.

2. Is Pay Pal safe?

We have never had any problems with Paypal. It is a secure website, and also never reveals your credit card number to the person you are sending money to. So if you order through Willowtip, we will NEVER see your credit card number. Pay Pal is much more secure and easier for us than sending orders through the mail.

3. Why do you use Pay Pal ?

Paypal is easy, safe and costs us a lot less than a regular credit card machine would. This helps us keep our prices so low. Pay Pal also can offer more services like electronic checks that a credit card machnie can't.

4. I have placed my order on the website, now what?

When you place your order on the website we receive an email telling us that the order has been placed. Orders are almost always shipped the same business day they are received. When we ship your order you will receive an email from us letting your know your items were shipped.

5. What shipping method to you use to ship orders?

All compact disc orders are shipped first class mail by the United States Postal Service. Orders that include vinyl records are shipped via surface mail. All foreign orders are shipped airmail. All orders are shipped in their jewel cases.   The only exception to this is if you PREORDER items, please read the preorder section in the faq below.

6. Do the prices on the website include postage?

All prices that appear on the website are postage paid for US customers.  International customers pay shipping.

7. I live in a foreign country can I still order off of the website?

Yes, you can order with a credit card or paypal anywhere in the world.

8. Why is the compact disc I ordered not shrinkwrapped?

All the compact discs we ship are new and unplayed. However, many of the discs are not shrinkwrapped. Oftentimes labels send their discs to us raw and we assemble them into jewel cases ourselves. This is done by labels to save on shipping costs. If the label is based in Europe most likely your disc will not be sealed.

9. I have to order through regular mail, what do i do?

Please fill out all your ordering info online, just don't complete the payment in your shopping cart, then just print out your order from the website.  If you are ordering non willowtip releases please list alternates.  Please send money order or well concealed US cash only all prices are in dollars, checks are not accepted.  Money orders should be made out to Willowtip.

10. How long will it take for me to get my order?

All orders are generally shipped the same business day they are placed first class or priority mail. All Cd orders are shipped via first class mail. Depending on how close you are to Pittsburgh, PA it should take around 2-5 days to get your order after it is placed. If you have ordered vinyl records the order is shipped media mail and this can take 3-14 days depending on where you live. Foreign orders are shipped airmail and generally it takes anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks for orders to arrive depending on where you live.  If you have questions about shipping times please see the USPS website for all delivery times and more shipping info www.usps.com





when you preorder an item this means that it will be shipped to you the day that we get it in from the pressing plant...oftentimes this is a month or two before the street date of a cd.  this enables customers to get their cd's as soon as possible and not have to wait to buy them in the store.  ALL INFO ON SHIP DATES WILL BE POSTED IN THE STORE NEWS.  Also, when you preorder items if you order other items in one order those items will ship and your preorder will ship separately.  also, if it is close to the preorder ship date your items will also come together in one package instead of sending a package and then sending a separate package a week later.