descendants of depravity

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The fourth overall full length from PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT is chock full of burly, lumberjack like riffs that chop and smack and thrash all the way until the very end. Descendants Of Depravity is an exercise in brutality, speed, and aggression, sure to please fans of Impaled, Decapitated, and Suffocation. Comes with a bonus dvd (NTSC) featuring a full live set, plus extra video clips! Only the first pressing of this release will contain the bonus dvd, so get yours today!


Metal Review

Ultimate Metal

Prostitute Disfigurement - Descendants Of Depravity
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Track List

1. Torn In Bloated Form MP3
2. The Sadist King And The Generalissimo Of Pain
3. In Sanity Concealed
4. Killing For Company
5. Storm Of The Fiend
6. Life Depraved
7. Carnal Rapture MP3
8. Fatal Fornication
9. Sworn To Degeneracy
10. Bonus DVD Only: Live Show [Club Dynamo 16-02-07]
11. Bonus DVD Only: The Sadist King And The Generalissimo Of Pain (clip)
12. Bonus DVD Only: Bad-TV