inhuman grotesqueries

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It has finally arrived, the new long awaited full length from New York's Malignancy. Inhuman Grotesqueries is an extremely brutal and insane blend of death/grind that sees the band pushing boundries in all areas. A pinch harmonic lovers dream, Inhuman Grotesqueries is a benchmark in brutality and pure insanity.

Malignancy - Inhuman Grotesqueries
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Track List

1. Inhuman Grotesqueries
2. Neglected Rejection
3. Indigenous Pathogen
4. Skeletal Integrity MP3
5. Predicated Malformations
6. Protagonist Complacence
7. Embryological Teratomas MP3
8. Benign Reabsorption
9. Organic Machinery
10. Genital Hemangioma
11. Xenotransplantation
12. Pathological Imperative