...and then comes lividity: a demo anthology boxset

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Gorguts need no introduction. This massive Demo Anthology holds over 2 hours of raw intricate death metal, includes the legendary 1990 Demo on a high fidelity 45rpm 12” LP; both the 1991 Considered Dead demo tapes and the 1992 Erosion of Sanity demos in full; and the 3 rare Obscura demo tapes from ’93, ’94 and ’95 in the years after Erosion, containing early incarnations of the songs that would eventually comprise the groundbreaking 1998 masterpiece. Never before on vinyl, ALL tracks have been fully and carefully remastered by Gorguts bassist / engineer Colin Marston in the Thousand Caves Studios, capturing for display the raw and terrifying genius contained in these recordings. The full anthology will be packed separately over 3 volumes, each strictly limited to only 500 copies, as well as a complete box set featuring new original artwork from none other than Dan Seagrave himself, also limited to only 500 copies worldwide. Box Set includes: All 3× 12” LPs + 7” on Limited Color Vinyl (200 White / 100 Silver), plus 24×24 Color Poster feat. the Artwork of Dan Seagrave in a ultra heavy box case.

Gorguts - ...And Then Comes Lividity: A Demo Anthology Boxset