below the lights

the end
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"BELOW THE LIGHTS" is a genuine masterpiece from Extreme Metal Pioneers ENSLAVED. Pushing the boundaries even further the band portrays elaborate avant-garde and progressive elements making it their most innovative and massive album so far. ENSLAVED has a history of being at the absolute cutting edge of Extreme Metal since the early 90's, when Norwegian Metal took it first steps towards worldwide recognition. Always being a step ahead, ENSLAVED has been regarded one of the most quality extreme bands in the scene and have released album that are now considered genre classics, such as, "Vikingligr Veldi", "Frost" and "Monumension". Even the departure of both R. Kronheim (guitars) and Dirge Rep (drums) have not altered ENSLAVED's creative patterns. In fact, the remaining and original line-up of Ivar P. & Grutle Kjellson, added a new lead guitarist Arve Isdal which only gave the band renewed inspiration and energy. "BELOW THE LIGHTS" is a journey downwards, into darkness. Melodic, epic, roaring, pitch black, addictive and full of energy this is an album of sheer brilliance!

Enslaved - Below The Lights