the world is a stage...for murder! (vinyl)

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Having carved out their own grim and gruesome sound, Embalming Theatre could not be mistaken for any other band and after many recent split releases they have returned to the clutches of No Escape Records. Following up the acclaimed "Hormones From the Dead?MCD, Embalming Theatre disembowel you with their new full length album, "The World Is A Stage?For Murder!? "The World Is A Stage…" serves as another epic tome of real-life horror grind which retains the sense of dark and morbid melody introduced on "Hormones…" but ups the aggression and attack once again for a lethal mixture of crustified old school grind, death and gore including a cover of the Hideous Mangleus classic "Self Devourment".

Embalming Theatre - The World Is A Stage...For Murder! (Vinyl)