death wolf ii: black armoured death

Century Media
CD $11.00


So, how much do you like Danzig? Before you even think of checking out Death Wolf, this is a question that you really need to think hard about. If your answer to this is “not that much,” then you probably shouldn’t bother with Death Wolf at all. You should also probably kill yourself, but that’s just me talking. Either way, Death Wolf is unquestioningly devoted to Glenn Danzig’s patented style of punky gothic death rock, best demonstrated on his work in Danzig and Samhain. Where Death Wolf mixes up the formula, however, is in their addition of black metal elements. It’s only natural to expect this from a band featuring a founding member of Marduk, but Death Wolf knows how to make this mix work pretty well. The only problem is that they’re a bit too devoted to Danzig to realize that it’s the less-Danzig elements of their sound that really work best.

Death Wolf - Death Wolf Ii: Black Armoured Death