the dream cycle mythos

discorporate music
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"Often with a benign curiosity we look to the dreams of men..."

And so begins another session in the insane asylum with Cephalectomy. "The Dream Cycle Mythos" shatters dreams and and brims with an originality that is sorely absent from the majority of the death/grind genre. No stones are left unturned on this musical materpiece -- a single song that stretches beyond the 23-minute mark. Thunderous blast beats transition to extreme melody, off-time riffs, heavy metal crunch and even sprinklings of classic rock. However, metal is the name of the game here with Cephalectomy's fourth official release for Discorporate Music. The lyrics spin a tale of a clearly unstable mind as it experiences new dimensions and the horrifying visions within.

Describing Cephalectomy's latest work is one thing, but there is no replacement for hearing it for yourself.

Cephalectomy - The Dream Cycle Mythos